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Specializing in preparing the plans for your new home,remodel or addition.

How It Works




The  first thing a contractor will say to you when you want to hire him/her to build your new home or put an addition on your home is "Do you have a  set of plans?" Chances are you don't and they generally wont discuss your ideas until the plans are in hand.

That is where I come in to play. Planning your new home or addition is the most important part. Improper planning will cause additional fees later in the project. I will prepare these plans for you. These plans will communicate to the town and all contractors what you are looking to build. It allows for the contractors to prepare an accurate estimate for you.

How it Works

I will meet with you at the location of your choice to discuss what you are looking to do. This is when we develop the "Scope of work"

Once the scope of work is determined I will email you my costs based on the amount of drawings required and the time required to complete.

After you approve and agree to the terms I will begin drawing the floor plans using the latest computer aided drawing software (CAD). I will present to you multiple floor plans and work closely with you so that the floor plans will meet your daily needs. 

Upon  completion and approval of the floor plans I will then begin the  elevations. The elevations will show you what the exterior will look  like based on the approved floor plans. This is a great opportunity to  see how the exterior of your home will look and make all necessary  changes to get it the way you want it.

Once you approve the elevations I will begin the construction drawings.

When completed, I will send you the entire drawings via email for your approval. Once  you approve I will print the final set of house plans for your use.

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