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Specializing in preparing the plans for your new home,remodel or addition.


Things To Know

I am not an Architect. I am a licensed builder/contractor with a degree in Architectural drafting and a degree in AutoCad backed with 25 plus years of hands on construction and design experience.

  • Almost all towns do not require an Architect to prepare the plans. My costs  are generally 60% lower than the cost of an Architect. An Architect will charge anywhere from $5k to $10k to design your home. My fees are  usually between $800 and $3k. This is a huge savings for you.
  • It can generally take 1 week to 3 months to complete a set of plans based on the complexity of the project. I will have a good idea of how long it  will take once the scope of work is determined.
  • Email and cell phone is the best means of communication as I am emailing you new ideas and/or questions daily.
  • I will not change my fee unless there are extensive changes to the plans.


What's Included

Blueprints or House Plan requirements vary from town to town but most require the same information.Typically a full set of house plans can have five to ten pages of drawings depending on the size or complexity of the home and project. A typical full set of plans usually contains the following:

  • Existing  Elevations - These drawings are generally required when a homeowner is  looking to add on their home. These are a drawing of the total building  exterior in its current condition. 
  • Proposed Elevations - These are drawings that show what the exterior of the home will look like once completed.
  • Demolition  Plan - Primarily created when knocking down a portion of a home or any interior walls. This lets the building inspector know what you are removing.
  • Foundation Plan - This is drawn for the concrete contractor to pour the footings and foundation for the home.
  • Existing Floor Plans - Often drawn for a home remodel and addition.
  • Proposed Floor Plans - These are required for both new homes, remodels and additions.
  • Framing  Plans - These drawings show the homes framing at each level. It  includes the floor joist, ceiling joist and roof rafter layouts.
  • Section  Details - This is a "cut through" view at various locations of the  home. This gives a deeper detail to the homes construction.

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